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Contradictory Ibiza

For the first time I heard from an island with the name I-b-i-z-a, in 1969 when I discovered an outdated travel guide, which in this moment already was somewhat worn out, in the library of a friend. 

More than the description of an idyllic rural island, impressed me the sound of the name, I-b-i-z-a,
word, which for me was a gentle, harmonious melody, full of dreams and magic…

In the same year some friends told me of their marvelous holidays on the island, of the many artistic impulses, of the meetings with extremely pleasant people, islanders and also foreigners, of the outrageous parties, of the ultimate joy of so many humans, who wanted to spend a wonderful time, in addition, and above all,  to search a new, free, creative way of living, being in contact to their own spirituality, inspired by nature and without all too-many material needs.

I had to wait to 1973, before I could come and see this all with my own eyes.
My expectations were so high-put that a certain disappointment was pre-programmed.
Everything that people had told me, was there, but also a little differently….
The new way of life not so completely opposite to the unimportant material values.
The parties were excessive, because alcohol and drugs helped ......

Since I am not an artist, I could not convert the inspiration of the landscape, the nature, the colors and the light of Ibiza into beautiful paintings, but I was sensitive to her, here was everything, for everybody to enjoy  .......,
Three weeks later my holidays left me with mixed feelings, I had loved it, and additionally........

I did not have to explore that more deeply, the call of the magic sound I-b-i-z-a and the desire to change my life left me with no peace.
1976 I returned, in order to stay.

I began „a new life“, in a farmhouse without electricity and water, in the mountains, near San Juan.
For me, who came from the big city, that above all meant I had to fight my fears, that had unknown quantities whom I had not even suspected, up to which degree it controlled me.

My neighbors still lived the traditional country life, completely untouched by tourism.
They treated me with curiosity, a little surprised over this strange creature, which had suddenly emerged in their midst, which knew nothing at all about their daily life neither understood their language.
But they let me share, like a guest.
First of all an over seventy-year old grandmother showed up with me several times a day, told me much, sang her songs to me and showed me, as she visited „how to work “, because she was under the impression that I would not have done that yet in my entire life.
We understood each other very well, without knowing how ........

Despite this cordial admission in the circle of neighbors, I had to fight, in order to find my place here.
The first five years on the island were not easy, I spent them in voluntary solitude.
Then I had to return to „the normal system“, find me a job in the tourism industry, because for me that was now the only further possibility to live here, but in the city, not in the countryside anymore.

In more than thirty years, which I already live here now, I saw profound changes, neither the island, nor humans, are still the same ...........
The landscape, in many areas of the island, was destroyed by too much building activity, but one can still  feel the spirit of the rural Ibiza, if one leaves the villages and tourism settlements, only a little.

People dedicate themselves to making money, but there are still many, which experiment within all ranges of life, which look for a constant renewal of ideas, for which Ibiza still is a source of inspiration and even spirituality.
The magic of the island does not let them go.

Since I like telling stories, I have every possibility being a travel guide of making people, who have the desire, to enjoy the special atmosphere of Ibiza and to become acquainted with the island.

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By IBIZA GUIDE: Sabine Teipel

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